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Lathrup Family Dentistry is a second-generation dental practice that originated in Detroit, Michigan.  The founders and current owners received their dental surgery and surgical specialty degree’s from the University of Southern California, Case Western University, and the University of Detroit Mercy College.  For two generations we have been blessed to provide excellent dental care in the community in which we serve.  In addition, we have kept the tradition of reaching out to the less fortunate in our community and in poor countries abroad.  We have remained a cohesive entity in the community thanks to our dedicated dental team.  At Lathrup Family Dentistry you will see the same faces with each passing year (and some new ones, too, as we continue to grow) so we can continue to provide you with service excellence.

Our Mission Statement

At Lathrup Family Dentistry we recognize the value of every person and are guided by our commitment to excellence and leadership.  We demonstrate this:

  • In our commitment to creating positive dental experiences both esthetically and psychologically

  • By offering multiple forms of sedation including IV sedations

  • In our dental care approach, which integrates exceptional skill with compassion

  • By volunteering our services in our community and in poor countries abroad

  • By building a work environment that respectively values its staff, with opportunies for personal and professional growth

At Lathrup Family Dentistry our clinicians continue to foster learning and growth so we can continue to create new smiles while promoting dental wellness.